Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lucky Number 13

I've always been a liberal arts person.  I avoided math classes as long as I could in college.  So maybe what doesn't add up to me makes sense to you.  They retrieved 13 eggs from what I thought were 11 follicles.  Eh? Well, who am I to question. 

Before the ER the doc came over and said she knew I didn't have many follicles but she would get as many eggs as she could.  Immediately I thought "Great, we are going to have 3 eggs and who know if any of them will be mature?"  She mentioned using a special needle that allowed her to flush the follicles as well as aspirate.  I guess it worked and for a brief moment I was ecstatic.

But the problem with repeatedly failing is you learn to anticipate the failure.  So I am waiting for the call from the clinic to tell us how many were mature, and how many fertilized.  Is it good or bad that it is almost noon and I haven't gotten a call?  I imagine some poor nurse putting off making the call because somehow none of the eggs were any good.  I try to replace that with a visualization of a lab tech struggling to count so high as the number of our fertilized eggs...

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